Hotels and Apartments on Booking PlatformsBooking your stay in 360

An exciting feature we’ve all been waiting for… a big HURRAH for booking platforms!!!

Hotels and apartments in 360 on Booking platforms…

It’s been a while since our team has been helping business locations. Providing effective availability on Google Maps and Google Search. Presenting to business owners and managers why their business location should be fully available on the no.1 search engine in the world. Why should they display as much images as possible. Why share as much info as they can… A lot of fun on the way… questions, arguments, counter-arguments, declines, postpones, lies, acceptance, happiness, excitement.

All in all, 9% success out of every contact we’ve made and every visit and presentation we conducted. The best part is 100% out of these 9% are now happy faces 🙂

But now, we are eager to see even more happy faces. Especially from the hotel and other accommodation business.

Namely, some Booking platforms have now lunched 360 degree view of the hotels and apartments, available on their platform.

A small temporary issue is that the 360 degree photos are currently available only trough the Desktop view. But Booking is currently working on launching this feature on their mobile view and mobile app as well. But then, me personally, I like to use my desktop for the full and detailed search…

Here’s an example of the home page of View Inn Boutique Hotel in Skopje. (click HERE to view their booking com home page available through for now DESKTOP ONLY ): is now displaying 360 photos
View Inn Boutique Hotel on Booking platform 

Here’s an example of the 360 view of their facilities (click HERE to see the example, available through for now DESKTOP ONLY):
View Inn Boutique Hotel in 360 view on Booking platform

Exciting, would you agree?

We feel that it is!

Now their potential guests can enjoy the experience of being virtually present in their desired room, can feel the breakfast area, can get to know the hotel’s location. A great way to build the trust with the hotel they are about to visit.

And here’s an example of an apartment rental, displaying their private parking lot, where their guests can safely park their cars (click HERE, to view the example, for now DESKTOP ONLY):

Lotus Apartments in 360 view on Booking Platform

Feel free to view the rooms as well 🙂

An important info for the guests about apartments in Gevgelija is the private parking lot, since the majority of them stay in Gevgelija over night, when traveling to Greece for their holidays.

Excited again 🙂

So, after displaying your facility on Google Maps (the first platform where tourists go, before they depart), where you will invite them to virtually visit your place, and they decide to go further by asking the price for their stay on the Booking platform, then you can have the chance to remind them of the great rooms and amenities you offer.

Now, if you are an owner or a manager of a hotel or an apartment, present on Booking platforms, and you feel this is as much important as your other standard photos, our team is happy to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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