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A business location on Google, and the importance of this action!

Do you know which app is most frequently used for local business search?

The time we spend on Social Media is to get information and have fun. But, we do have the need to search for products, services or locations.

The easiest, fastest and most relevant way is to use Google and its Maps and Search.

Business location on Google
Is my business location on Google?

Google is an internet platform. Its apps are available for every internet connected device. Almost every smartphone or tablet has Google Maps, Google Search and Google Street View preinstalled (when you buy it). Meaning that every smartphone user has immediate access to Google’s platforms.

These facts discover a lot of opportunities for your business location!

As an owner or a manager of a business location, ask your self! Would you like your potential customers to find your location on Google fast, easy and in a simple way? Would you let them discover a lot of details about your business, trough Google?
Or just put yourself in a customers position. Would you go out and wonder around? Would you look for an open business location, when you could use Google? Which location offers your desired products? Especially in the Covid 19 situation…

Now, when we have the answer, let’s get back into the managers role.

Presenting your business location on Google will let your potential customers:
– find out where is your business location
– are you open now
– call you directly from Google
– contact you trough Google Business Messaging
– get informed about your current promotions
– discover your products and services
– visit your location – virtually (*optional)
– visit your website
– decide to visit you (with a 50% increased chance to buy something from)

A business location on Google
Presenting a business location on Google

Did you know that Google allows businesses to present products, product catalogs and services, directly on Google?

As always the leader in the internet technologies – Google, comes up with a new innovative feature. An exciting way for business locations to present their products and services, directly on Google! Meaning, it was launched far before other social networks.

Up and above our expectations, Google now allows a business to publish a product catalog. The catalog contains unlimited product groups. Each product in the group can be presented with a photo, description, price tag and a link to your website or Social Media.

Now, wouldn’t this feature increase the chances for your location to be chosen by the customer, before your competitor?

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Our team specializes in placing a business location on Google – accurately

Business Locations on Google
Since 2015, our team has proven to be one of the few in the Balkans, providing a full Google Business service for business locations.
This is a part of our successful story!

We’ve been dedicated to these services, since 2015. As a result, our services were firstly provided in Macedonia. Then in Greece, Albania and Kosovo. Our satisfied clients, create our successful story.

As a result the SeeInsideMK team has generated, verified and optimized more than 850 locations on Google.
We’ve been engaged by well known brands in the Balkans. They needed our help to be present on Google. Brands like EVN Macedonia, A1 Macedonia, Vodafone Albania, Meridian Express – Kosovo, and a lot more.
Some of the problems we solved were:
– placing, verifying and optimizing their locations
– shooting and publishing virtual tours on Google
– actively managing their business locations and increasing organic traffic to their locations
– solving errors on Google
– … and many more services associated to Google.
Now they enjoy the benefits of Google My Business. And their competitors don’t!

If you feel you need our assistance, feel free to contact us!

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