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Welcome to the new online shopping experience!


The new kind of an online store to make your e-commerce stand out from the crowd!


The new online shopping experience is now AVAILABLE. Is there a better way to make your clients to go shopping online? We still don’t think everyone feels safe to go out and mingle with the crowd.

Being present online today is important like never before. Allowing your clients to get as much info for your products and services online, has become a no.1 priority! Today’s practices show that every company which adopted fast to the new normal, continued it’s growth.

Some of the best ways to be presented online , according to best practices are:

  • Well organized, easy to use and optimized website
  • Updated and active social media profiles
  • Published easily accessible and accurate data on Google
  • One thing that catches the attention, and keeps the visitor for more than 2 minutes on the website!

We’ve shared the same feeling with our client Akademska Kniga.

The will and wish of our client to meet the NEW NORMAL, is now a REALITY. We got the assignment and pleasure to create that “One thing



Teaser Trailer

Project Information

Services provided for our client:

  • Verifying and optimizing the Google location. Now people searching for “Book Store Skopje” will find Akademska Kniga in the first result.
  • Publishing products and product categories. The Google Product section is now filled with flagship Product Categories and Products. The product is presented with a photo, short description, price and link to “Buy Online”
  • Publishing Google optimized photos, stuffed with meta data and keywords. Google can now easily read this data, and rank Akademska Kniga higher in the Search results.
  • Shooting and publishing a Google Virtual Tour. This allows our client to build trust with it’s potential clients. The tour presents the location in details. It creates the client’s expectations for the Book Store.
  • Creating the INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL ONLINE BOOKSTORE. Using the existing 360 panoramic photos, we selected the main points. From there, every product category is visible. Next, we marked the categories locations. Then we placed clickable content, called Hot Spots. The Hot Spots activate windows where the categories from the website are shown in details. From this point, the visitor is able to order the next favorite book – online.

Google Maps Location of Akademska Kniga

Google Virtual Tour of Akademska Kniga


The NEW ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE brings unique and exciting benefits:

You will create a feeling of physical presence, without leaving the comfort and safety of his home. It’s available 24/7, from any internet device (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone). It’s accessible from and from any part of the world. The main thing… it’s EXCITING and DIFFERENT.

A key technical benefit is that it can be hosted on your own local server.

It can be produced as a one time project, and it can be available until you say so. No monthly or annual fees!

This Platform, uses your already created online e-commerce website. It pulls the data directly from there. It doesn’t need updates, maintenance nor management. The online shopping experience can be embedded to any website. It can be available as an i-frame or it can be opened in a new TAB or window. And it doesn’t misses the future! There is an option to present this experience trough a VR Headset. Imagine going on a fare, and allowing your partners to feel your place in VR.

But if you still don’t have an online e-commerce store, we are here to create one for you.


This interactive online tour, has been used in many industries. Some of them are: Public Government Buildings, Museums, Religious Buildings, Freight Forwarding Companies, and other Tourism Attraction Facilities.

Akademska Kniga Website

Click HERE to visit Akademska Kniga’s website!

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